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23 year old girl living in Manila, Philippines. Half Japanese, half Filipino. Owner of Yamagoodshit. Part-time model, full-time entrepreneur.


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You’ve read his name on my past blogs and tweets countless of times, seen photos of him and I together, and heard him rap and sing shockingly good in shows and concerts - I’m about to feature him on the blog and call it: The Boyfriend Diaries. Most of you only know Rjay as one of the members of LDP, but of course, aside from being one of the best rappers here in the Philippines, he is a character completely on his own.

Here are a few random facts to catch you up to speed and give you an idea of the guy who caught my eye and has my heart:

  1. An artist and does it for the love of Music and passion for Hiphop
  2. He met me when he was in 2nd year high school (that makes me a 7th grader), “Friendzoned” me, became his best friend and after 8 years of friendship, finally, our paths became one 
  3. Absolute foodie! (just like me!) His first passion is rapping, his second is food. We dream to own a nice cozy restaurant one day.
  4. His favorite food is Sashimi (or Japanese cuisine in general)
  5. Anime fan (like me!)
  6. Has a slight case of OCD (unlike me, I’m the most organized mess in town!)
  7. He owns a pet Hedgehog named “Sonic” (yup, like Sonic, the Hedgehog)
  8. Has a love for Michael Jordan ever since he could play ball. He still has tons of MJ action figures and anything related to the King of Basketball.
  9. He is one healthy competitor! 
  10. Go nuts, donuts over Bronuts
  11. He is one hell of a dresser. His sense of style is definitely on point.
  12. November 11, 2011 (11.11.11) was the release date of his first ever mixtape. You can download it here: 11.11.11 The Offical Mixtape ( Online Version) by Rjay Ty 
  13. He owns about 35 pairs of sneakers (Jordans and Sk8-hi’s are his favorites)
  14. He actually wrote his own theme song curse which is #PUYAT. Now #17 on Pinoy Myx Countdown and 134,000 views on Youtube
  15. He is weird, has a great sense of humour, and a total geek.

You can follow Rjay on Tumblr or even tweet him, @derangedpoet!